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Sub Station Kit Classroom t Classroom Teacher and
@mrshenryinfirst made this "sub station" for her substitute teacher! This is definitely going to make someone's day. #targetteachers
A quick and easy Sub Station made in under half an hour! Adorable stationary set from Target!! No Prep Sub Resources from Mrs Henry in First!
I teach intro to law and sometimes I have to teach my students about controversial,
Teachers...Ever forget a students birthday?Create a Birthday Bucket so you
Substitute Teacher - Substitute Teaching Ultimate Survival Kit
Child in classroom
The classroom teacher peeks into the art room before she allows her students to enter. She checks to see where I want them to sit (on the floor, ...
Education to the Core: Create A Simple, Easy, and Free Emergency Sub Plan Kit
These small but mighty laptops (and their apps) bolster students' computer skills and make learning come alive.
Silicon Valley Courts Brand-Name Teachers, Raising Ethics Issues - The New York Times
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Moving Toys D&T Class Kit large ...
Spanish Classroom Glossary
Learn how to plan for a sub, write substitute teacher plans & make a sub binder. These tips, ideas, photos & free printables explain how to plan, ...
2nd Grade CCSS Emergency Sub Plans. Emergency Sub Plans2nd Grade ActivitiesSubstitute TeacherSubstitute FolderClassroom ...
A classroom nook with a couch, armchair, and coffee table
How to Set Up a Toddler Classroom for the First Day of School
Note: some responses have been lightly edited for length or clarity.
I create sub rules by writing an anchor chart letter to my class if and when I'm going to be absent sets the tone for the class, and lets the substitute ...
5 Simple Ways to Develop a Mathematical Growth Mindset
Create A Simple, Easy, and Free Emergency Sub Plan Kit. Classroom OrganisationTeacher ...
What to do first: Creating a welcoming ELL classroom environment
My Classroom Spaces
A kit for success for every classroom sub. Tips, printables, and ideas to
A section of the "Shakespeare wall" in my classroom.
Ex-teacher claims she was fired for calling cops after student sexually assaulted her
Make a "phone prison" to confiscate phones that aren't supposed to be out during class.
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The approach reflects what researchers have discovered about the alphabetic, pattern, and meaning layers of English ...
If you want to be extra organized, make a "teacher tool kit" so you can always find anything you need.
Classroom Organization: Tips and Tricks
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Substitute Teacher Folder Makeover
Science Classroom Safety and the Law - A Handbook for Teachers
These are awesome because they have compartments. Use them to hold community classroom supplies. Then, it's easy to put them on a group of desks as needed.
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50 Innovative Teaching Methods in Science
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Naveen playing bounce off with a Arham.
When I was teaching sixth grade math and social studies I would display kids'
FREE Task Card Handbook
Classroom Management Aids & Incentives
Anchor charts for classroom management
Fun & Activity-based Mathematics
Weekly Magazines and Newspapers
Included: Twenty-seven must-have items.
Polak created a tech station next to the reading nook, and uses a range of
They are perfect for organizing chapter books in my class library, but I could also to use them to organize my Maker Station ...
Create a Classroom Your Students Will Love
Yamila Lopez Hevia leading her students in morning dancing and stretches at Egenolf Early Childhood Center in Elizabeth, N.J. Credit Natalie Keyssar for The ...
Relief for Relief Teachers
Early Elementary STEM projects for kindergarten and 1st grade age kids. Hints and tips for
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Students designing the kit
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In my previous blog posts, "Your Substitute Teacher Folder Checklist," and "New and Improved Substitute Teacher Folder," I shared content and strategies for ...
The Teacher Shop
Teacher holding tablet in school class, over shoulder view
Education Station
31 Activities and Resources for Teaching Fractions in the Classroom
Building Fun: 5 Civil Engineering Activities for the Classroom
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In addition to comfortable furniture, Polak kept some traditional seating, an arrangement that's typical
Instant Lesson Plans to Use With Any Book (Perfect for Substitutes!)
An example of Two Student Work Center for Independent Work with 1 Table used with centers
A view of Murray's full classroom, which represents a first-year transition from traditional
Right now, Clifford the Big Red Dog is the mascot for the Sub Station until I can get a Dr. Seuss characters to call it home.
K-12 2018 Readers' Choice Awards — from The Journal's October/November edition
Math class students at Government High School in Karnataka
Shop Classroom Organization
Caralis got most of her furniture—like the stools and bar table here—through
Use LEGOS to practice time concepts Use LEGOS to practice time concepts
Class Books
A line of standing desks against a classroom wall
Building Classroom Relationships Through Conversation Part 1
Later in July and in August I will talk about it again when I go into some detail about how I set up classrooms at the beginning of the year.
Teaching for Transfer
I have loved having my Kubbla Clock in my classroom, but found out recently that it is no longer available. BUT here are a couple of clocks that would fit ...
Book and math bins. Hello, classroom organization!